Ancient traditions, authentic love and respect for nature.

The farm "LU CONDE" begins with our great-grandparents who worked as sharecroppers, then in 1957 our grandparents Bernardini Nello and Moretti Nella decide to buy the first plots of land at the foot of the Sibillini mountains in a small village called ALTETA, where they were born, cultivating 45 hectares of their property and another 130 for rent with cereals (wheat, corn, fodder, beans, olive trees).


In 1968 the first pig farm began with a sow, poultry and 6 cattle used to work the fields. With so much sacrifice and dedication, the family grows, and with it also the breeding of pigs.


In 1973 the daughter Bernardini Maria Pia married Corradini Mario and dedicated themselves, with all the love passed on by their parents, to the farm and the breeding.

1995 - TODAY

In 1995 Luca, Alessandro and Giorgio, the third generation, Nello's grandchildren and Mario and Maria Pia's children, feel the call and passion for nature transmitted by their grandfather, and begin to devote themselves in the family business.

In 2005 they decided to open a shop of meat and cold cuts with the passion and experience taught by their grandparents, with the aim of transmitting the old scents and genuine flavors, working the meat according to ancient traditions, which have been lost over the years due to the methods of industrial production.

"Lu Conde"
from producer to consumer